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SIP Trunking

Why SIP Trunking

  • Flexible - SIP trunks allow you to use geographic number ranges outside your normal area code.
  • Resilient - fast and seamless transfer to ensure business continuity.
  • Quality – High level of voice quality without any interference.
  • Added Value – To your customers business, reduce their costs and streamline their processes.

Daisy Wholesale has recently launched a new SIP trunking service, creating an exciting new opportunity for our partners who have traditionally found managing such services too time consuming, complex and based on platforms that they have not been able to demonstrate as a true alternative to PSTN.

Our service raises the bar in respect of SIP trunking quality and service wrap and is available via the leading XPS platform. Offering partners automated access to the features via XML. The system allows automated provisioning and management functionality based on a stable and reliable platform.

To find out how to to become a Daisy Wholesale Partner call 08000 350 790 or click here to make an enquiry.