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Number Translation Services

Simplified number allocation

  • Wide choice of number ranges
  • Quick number reservation and provisioning
  • Large variety of NTS call management products
  • Porting agreements with all leading tier 1 networks
  • Extremely competitive call rates

Daisy Wholesale offers highly competitive rebates on Number Translation Services (NTS) with the support o a high function portal which can be re-branded with your business logo, allowing you to provide a service directly to your customers.

The NTS numbers we offer: 0300, 0330 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871

NTS Products

We provide a suite of NTS call management products, that can be bundled together to help manage customer calls. Some of these are summarised below:

Call Queuing and Hunt Groups

This is a popular product within the call centre environment as it allows calls to be held in the network whilst agents are busy, then distributed to agents is pre-defined was e.g. Sequentially, rotated to all users, to a set ratio or to the least busy user.

Voice to email

Allows your customer to pick up their customer calls during out of hours

Time of day Routing

Allowing you to configure calls to reach different destinations at different times of the day.

IVR Menus

Callers select different options to reach their intended department.

Location Based Routing

Calls can be diverted to different destinations depending on the location of the caller.

NTS Provisioning

Partners can have their own number ranges and allocate the to their customers as they wish. We have over 2 million NTS and PRS numbers available to use.

To find out how to to become a Daisy Wholesale Partner call 08000 350 790 or click here to make an enquiry.