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Instant benefits with Daisy Wholesale WLR3

  • Automated order processing
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Provision of service levels customers expect.
  • Develop potentially lucrative new revenue streams.

Transferring lines with calling and network services

You can verify which calling and network services are live on a prospects customer’s line with WLR3 and make any requested changes before you transfer the line.

This prevents services being inadvertently ceased or wrongly started during the transfer process, typically because they hadn’t been recorded correctly in the first place.

Accessing information about a prospect customer’s existing line inventory

As long as you have a potential customer’s permission, you can access details of their existing line bundles and network calling features.

This will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the services they are actually using, tailor your proposals accordingly and hopefully win new business as a result.

Reducing the likelihood of order rejection

You can confirm straight away whether an address is correct and likely to be accepted by Openreach, while you’ve got the customer on the phone. Until now, you had to work on assumptions. When those assumptions were incorrect, orders had to be re-submitted which was frustrating for you and downright annoying for your customers.

Reactivating stopped lines

You can access enhanced site inventory information to see where stopped lines exist and reactivate them, as required. This facility wasn’t universally available in the past, which often meant you having to issue new provision orders when it wasn’t absolutely necessary to do so.

There’s none of that with WLR3. Nor do you and your customers need to pay to reinstall perfectly good lines.

Confirming line plant availability

You can see if adequate line plant is available for the customer’s address with WLR3. If more plant is required, you can explain the situation to the customer, request additional plant and give the customer a rough idea of when their line is going to be installed.

There’s no better way to establish the fact in their minds that you’re in total control of the situation.

Selecting and agreeing phone numbers

You can select a number from an on screen pick list and agree it with the customer. There’s no need to call us, choose a number within their requirements, revert back to them to see if it was acceptable and then confirm that it was to us. Real time number selection with WLR3 reassures the customer that you are in the driving seat.

Booking engineer appointments

Missed engineer appointments are a constant concern for you and for your customers. With WLR3 you can directly book, re-book and cancel provisioning appointments while you’ve got a customer on the phone. This is a great improvement over the lucky dip approach and somewhat tortuous journey of the past. For example, having to log appointment requests, wait for a response and then maybe having to inform the customer that the date and time slot they had requested wasn’t available. The potential for you to play piggy-in-the-middle was endless.

Automating the business premises movers process

WLR3 gives you far greater control of the line moving process, taking the heat out of it for you and eliminating anxiety for your customers. Thanks to increased automation, the cease and provide process is far more straightforward and faster. And there are far fewer opportunities for manual fallouts. If an engineer visit is required, you can book that on our portal too!

This will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the services they are actually using, tailor your proposals accordingly and hopefully win new business as a result.

Testing lines yourself

When a customer calls to report a line fault, you can conduct a line test while you’re speaking to them. While this feature won’t in itself reduce repair times, the information you pass on to your customers should certainly enable you to better manage their expectations and enhance their perception of you as their provider.

Keeping you informed about fault resolution

With WLR3, you can manage faults independently via the portal. You will be kept up to speed with their progress on fault resolution front via automated messages, saving you the hassle of calling. Openreach will let you know when the repair cycle is complete and the fault has been cleared, so you can tell the customer. This should eliminate many complaints typically those arising from people taking time off work to wait for an engineer, when the fault has already been found and resolved outside their home.

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