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Daisy Wholesale offer a wide choice of line rental and call packages, all available via our WLR3 online portal. The portal allows you to provision, make changes and report line faults instantly.

With Daisy Wholesale you can route calls using a number of different options via major network carriers.

Call Types We can route calls via IDA (Indirect Access), where the call is pre-fixed by an access code or via CPS (Carrier Pre-select), where the CLI is recognised and automatically routed via the correct carrier, each of these options is available via various major network carriers. By using Daisy Wholesale, you also have the flexibility to route calls over lines that you do not own.

Why offer Daisy Wholesale Calls and Lines

  • Develop potentially lucrative new revenue streams.
  • Automated order processing and seamless transferring of existing lines.
  • Dedicated order desk and specialists providing you with Pre and Post sales support.
  • We offer the complete transfer of PSTN, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines.
  • As a multi-carrier supplier we can offer you competitive call rates allowing you to compete against BT retail and still generate good margin.