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Multi-Carrier Failover Services

Resilient, high speed connectivity

  • Multiple carrier resilience
  • High speed connectivity
  • Greater bandwidth
  • Monitored 24x7x365
  • The Cisco hardware is protected by the Daisy Wholesale 'Fault or Failure' cover Smartfix

As the popularity of convergent applications grows, so does the demand for resilient, high speed connectivity. Those organisations who were looking for greater bandwidth than has been traditionally been offered by a broadband connection had no other option than a leased line service. Those who required resilient, failover connectivity had to opt for expensive, technically complicated and often unreliable solutions.

One of the main challenges organisations still face is the availability of ‘always on’ bandwidth capacity needed to work effectively and efficiently. A lack of bandwidth means limited download and upload speeds, reduced productivity and poor performance of bandwidth hungry applications such as Voice over IP, Video Conferencing and ‘Cloud’ based services. Lack of resilience means that should there be any issue with the provided connectivity, service could be lost and thus productivity stops. As well as reliability, some end users have traditionally only been able to achieve slower speeds due to their distance from the local exchange or noise on their line.

Multi-Carrier Failover Services are the answer

A suite of high-speed, resilient solutions designed to enhance the capacity and available bandwidth for internet connectivity and web applications. This is achieved utilising sophisticated bonded, resilient connectivity options with easily installed, preconfigured customer equipment and complete connectivity and hardware management and maintenance. Multiple carrier resilience is provided within many of the Daisy Wholesale solutions which means that you have not only higher speeds, but also the peace of mind end users require from dependable, resilient internet connectivity.

True Resilience

Multi-Carrier Failover Services are monitored 24x7x365 by the Daisy Wholesale Network Operations Centre. The Cisco hardware is protected by the Daisy 'Fault or Failure' cover Smartfix, which is included in all solutions. You can rest assured that you will have a reliable, effective solution and the support to assist you when you need it, where you need it.

A Range of Options

Whether you require a higher speed service than is currently available to your end user or a more resilient, secure, managed solution providing multiple carrier-redundant backhaul networks and a mix of BT and LLU provider connections, Daisy has a solution that fits your needs.

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