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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Secure and Resilient Virtual Private Networks

  • High availability Cisco powered network infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring and management 24/7x365
  • Maximum security for confidential data
  • Multi-connectivity options, DSL, leased line/Ethernet, 3G

The Daisy Wholesale VPN product is structured so that through our partners even small businesses are able to take advantage of a technology that has previously only been in the reach of larger organisations which sizeable budgets. A virtual private network (VPN) uses access circuits (xDSL or Leased Lines) to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organisation's network.

VPN is currently the biggest growth area of corporate networking. With the growth of technologies such as IP Telephony and Video Conferencing VPN’s are not simply used for data. Voice VPN’s are growing in popularity as organisations look for secure, quality assured ways in which to deliver voice traffic between offices. Daisy Wholesale deliver quality assurance via a number of methods including deep packet inspection, DiffServ and MPLS.

Daisy Wholesale offers secure, reliable and resilient Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Our Wholesale VPN provides you the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive, scalable and secure solution to your partners to connect distributed sites both nationally and internationally. We provide native VPN solutions aggregated within the Daisy Wholesale network therefore there is no requirement for specialist VPN hardware at each site, making the solution inherently secure and more cost effective that other provider service

Our range of connectivity services incorporates ADSL, bonded broadband services as well as Ethernet, and Leased Lines, with a choice of bandwidth from 2Mb to 1GB.

To find out how to to become a Daisy Wholesale Partner call 08000 350 790 or click here to make an enquiry.