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Revolutionary broadband service

  • Delivering guaranteed IP Telephony quality
  • Optimised access circuit solely
  • A dependable network

VoiceStream is a revolutionary broadband service specifically designed for use with IP Telephony services. ISP networks have traditionally been unpredictable and being able to deliver “assured” connectivity for the operation of voice has been somewhat difficult. Peak-time congestion, quality control and external internet traffic are all elements that have played a contributing factor to the lack of guaranteed connectivity specifically design to carry IP Telephony technology, that was, up until now….

VoiceStream Dedicated is designed to deliver guaranteed IP Telephony quality by eliminating the factors that have otherwise plagued quality assurance. The service provides an assured, optimised access circuit solely used for the transmission of IP Telephony services.

Daisy Wholesale VoiceStream is the first product in the UK market that provides a Service Level on the number of voice channels you can expect over a broadband circuit without loss of quality. Quality has been a deciding factor when organisations have considered adopting IP Telephony services. Daisy believe that as providers have been unable to guarantee the amount of channels to expect over a broadband link adoption of IP Telephony services has been restricted. With VoiceStream, providers are now in a position to set a customer expectation backed up by a dependable network and service level agreement.

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