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At Daisy Wholesale, we can provide our partners with a full suite of data services, available throughout the UK and Internationally. By aggregating the capability of major data carrier vendors and combining that with the network expertise and innovative service wrap of Daisy Wholesale our partners are able to offer their end users solutions that deliver real value and benefit.

For broadband services our web-based portal “XPS” provides full provisioning, order status, reporting, CDR’s and fault management capability and features. Our systems are designed to empower resellers to support and manage their end users effectively, ensuring the highest levels of customer service and the capability to reduce operational overhead.

Innovative, ambitious and passionate, Daisy Wholesale is driven by the needs of its customers to deliver new opportunities into the channel. Daisy Wholesale work closely with all of the major UK carriers including BT, Cable and Wireless and Opal Telecom, to provide a complete portfolio of connectivity products from business grade broadband circuits up to the latest technology ADSL2+, Annex M and Fibre based services. Working directly with the carriers means that Daisy Wholesale are able to help shape products before they get to market, giving an edge in understanding and being able to support new technologies.

We aim to help our customers get the most out of the services we provide and identify new opportunities, not just in the UK, but also within European markets as we expand our network across the continent. Through regular reviews with our customers, we ensure that the services we are providing are competitive, cutting edge and we always seek ways that we can work with our partners more effectively and efficiently. This is absolutely evident when looking at Daisy Wholesale’s flagship ISP management portal, XPSv2. Provisioning, Support, Reporting and Administration of your Daisy Wholesale services are all carried out with XPSv2 and this industry leading portal revolutionises the way ISPs do business.  Capable of automating every aspect of your business with Daisy Wholesale, the portal can be fully integrated into your own systems enabling you to focus on selling and marketing your services without the need to concentrate money and resource on the supporting infrastructure. 


Daisy Wholesale provides one of the most comprehensive wholesale broadband solutions available in today’s resale market place.

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Our VPN product is structured so that through our partners even small businesses are able to take advantage of this technology.

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Leased Lines

Flexible Leased line services which can be delivered via traditional WLR, LLU or SIP Trunking Network operators.

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Daisy Wholesale deliver colocation services within our high specification datacentre facilities.

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Fibre to the Cabinet

Next generation of broadband connectivity from Daisy Wholesale

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Multi-Carrier Failover Services

Daisy Wholesales Multi-Carrier Failover Services Solutions are the answer for resilient, high speed connectivity

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VoiceStream is a revolutionary broadband service specifically designed for use with IP

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A cost effective, dependable solution ISP’s looking to connect multiple datacentre locations

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Dependable and reliable IP transit services for organisations that operate their own network infrastructure

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